News & Events

Upcoming April and May events:

April 21,22,28,&29...."Spirit" by Pete Law and Naomi Pyle- Willow Leaves of Hope (North Side of the Hope Town Square) Dinner at 6pm; Play at 7pm

         For Reservations (25.00/person Includes Dinner&Play) Please call (812)-546-0640

April 23,30....Matinees of "Spirit" - Willow Leaves of Hope- Dinner at 1pm; Play at 2pm (25.00/Person- includes dinner and play) Please call (812)-546-0640 for reservations

April 28....Tree-Give away at the Bartholomew Co. Fairgrounds. 5pm-7pm - Fish Fry provided by the Conservation Club

April 30... Hymns of Hope - Hope Methodist Church (Located on Washington St. immediately east of the Hope Town Square)

          6:15pm-6:50pm Social and Snack Time

          6:50pm-7:05pm Meditation Time

          7:05pm-8:25pm Hymn Time

May 20.....Open house for all Hauser, Hope and Clifford Alumni - Yellow Trail Museum/Visitors Center 2pm-6pm

May 29...Various Memorial Services around the area:

                  8:30am Sharon Cemetery

                  8:50am Newbern Cemetery

                  9:15am Hartsville Square

                  9:40am Hawcreek Church

                  10:00am Simmons Cemetery

                  10:15am Old St. Louis Bridge

                  10:30am Hawcreek Bridge

                  11:00am Hope Moravian Cemetery